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Below are the base rules for the guild. As with all things, our guild is governed by certain rules that must be adhered to by all members of The Lonesome Moistmen.
It is your responsibility to know, understand and abide by these Rules of Conduct.
The following rules are not meant to be exhaustive, and the officers of Below are the base rules for the guild. As with all things, our guild is governed by certain rules that must be adhered to by all members of Below are the base rules for the guild. As with all things, our guild is governed by certain rules that must be adhered to by all members of The Lonesome Moistmen.

There are 4 main ranks in the guild:-


Applications are only accepted for the *Raider* rank as the other 2 ranks are earned and not applied for.


§ All members will have a *main* character, any other characters for that member will be *alts*. None of the guilded characters are allowed to be played by anyone else other than the guild member. *Main* characters will have priority on attending raids, requesting materials form the guild bank etc etc.

§ All members are required to behave in a manner that doesn't reflect badly on the guild, if you bring The Lonesome Moistmen name into disrepute by your behaviour then you can expect to be deguilded very quickly.

§ Your fellow guild members are your in-game family. Treat them as you would your own blood. You are required to treat other members of the guild with the outmost respect. How you actually feel about them is not relevant, but your behaviour is.

§ Should a disagreement between two or more guild members occur, the situation will be handled and discussed in a mature manner. It is to be understood that each member is different and opinions may vary. If a disagreement cannot be resolved between two people, then the situation should be brought up to an officer for moderation.

§ An excessive amount of complaining, non-constructive criticism, arguing within the guild, etc., will result in removal from the guild. This does not mean that members can never complain, criticize or argue. The keyword here is "excessive", meaning that it reaches the point where it affects guild cohesiveness. Any guild member that engages in excessively disruptive behaviour will receive a cautionary warning first, and if that behaviour continues, they will be booted from the guild.


§ The spec you apply to the guild with and are accepted with is the spec you will be expected to raid with. There will be no permanent spec changes unless the officer team agree/request the member to change.

§ All raiding members, trialists and above agree to raid to a minimum of 70% attendance.

§ All raiding members must be invited into the raid by 20.15 or will face increased rotation. Recurrences of late attendance will result in demotion/removal. If you however need for some reason too show upp late make sure you inform officers about it.

§ All members are automatically signed for *every* raid. All members agree to sign out or notify us in the AFK thread of any absence or lateness before raid start time. No exceptions.

§ All members accept that rotation can and will happen on a boss by boss or raid by raid basis. This can be for any reason.

§ All raiding members must make sure that they are available to raid when rotated, even if they log off or play an alt.

§ Members will be counted as awol if they fail to post afk, turn up late or are not available to raid when rotated. If a member accrues 3 instances as awol in a 30 day period they will be automatically demoted.

§ You will need to install the required AddOns that The Lonesome Moistmen uses in Raids.

§ All raiders must carry the required Food, Flasks and Potions for raid farm and progress.

§ No slacking. This means that you are to be focused. You must inform the raid leaders if you go AFK. If you have to AFK then try and do so in the official break.

§ Follow all the instructions given by the raid leaders. Not doing so can result in penalties such ass reduced loot rights. Feel free to make suggestions in the proper channels but any major disagreements with tactics need to be taken to the forums after the raid. Battle res's and self res's must be requested/authorised by the raid leader/s.

§ Any underperforming raider or trialist will be advised as to how to improve performance, be it awareness, practise or mechanic. Members who do not improve or do not accept help will be demoted/removed.

§ When a member gquits all the associated alts will be removed forthwith unless prior approval to leave an alt in the guild has been obtained. Any member who is removed from the guild will not have the right to leave alts in the guild.

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