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The Lonesome Moistmen was previously part of a different guild on the server Shadowsong. Due to population issues and struggling to find people that wanted to raid later during the evening we decided to move to Draenor.

Our core group that moved to Draenor is a set of players that have been raiding together for a long time and are well syncronzied. We are a group that have alot of fun together, and joke around quite abit. We are also very serious and focused when it comes to doing progression raiding. If you like a nice balance between a chill and fun atmosphere while still aiming for serious progression raiding you will fit in perfectly.

We consider ourselfs to be a guild inbetween Casual/Semi-Hardcore and our primary focus will be on clearing Heroic. However when heroic is cleared we will move on to doing Mythic progression. Our view on Mythic is that we will attempt clearing as much as possible after heroic is done, but we will in no way attempt to be a high end mythic raiding guild.

Our Loot System will be Loot Council, where the officers will discuss who will get what. The decision will always be the one we think will benefit the guild most.

We dont demand that players are on everyday farmin AP and so on. What we do demand however is a 70% attendance to our raids and that you sign in time for us to be able to set up a good roster for the raid that evening. We also demand that you are geared enough and know the fight well enough to be able to execute tacticts properly while still being able to maintain the DPS required. And ofcourse you should be online when invites start with the correct Flasks, Potions and Food for you spec. How you make sure you are up to speed on tacticts, have good enough gear and all materials ready is entirely upp to you.

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